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Welcome to Martial Arts Unlimited!! My name is Jeff Masterson . I am a 6th Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Seidokan Karate and Kobudo. I believe in the full philosophy of Martial Arts. I also believe all styles are good. No one style is better than another. Please browse the site and have a good time learning your chosen style of Martial Arts.

I have been in Martial Arts for over 25 years. When I began I knew very little about the Martial Arts. I just know I wanted to learn and become proficient at it. I did not research on the origins of Martial Arts and how it began. I knew that I wanted a good teacher and a true style. In my searching I found my teacher who came directly from Okinawa, Japan and trained under true masters of Martial Arts. I knew that this would be my teacher in this journey.

Our head master in Okinawa, Japan passed away in 2013 and the style has moved to his predecessor. My teacher and I have now been approved to start our own association under the main association by the new head master. With this being done, I am now an officer in our association and I can now pass on my knowledge I have learned to other beginners and even some advance students as they join the journey into the Martial Arts lifestyle with me.

Now I want to help others who may have an interest in the Martial Arts and give back by passing forward my knowledge.

From the beginning of my search into Martial Arts to were I am now in Martial Arts, I have had friends, teachers and other students helping me. Martial Arts is something that is passed down from Teacher (student of another teacher) to student. Martial Arts can provide many benefits to people. I want to share those benefits with others and hopefully inspire others to enjoy and love the Martial Arts lifestyle.

A Little Story About My Martial Arts Life.

Growing up I was always a bigger kid. Not in the sense that I had muscle, but more in the sense that I was chubby and out of shape. My parents were not big on sports or physical activity so did not really have a role model there. But the one thing I love the most was watching the old Kung Fu movies. Yes your know the ones were the impossible becomes the possible and everyone in them seems to have super powers. Those were my role models and I love to imitate their moves after watching the movies. But I weighed so much it was hard to imitate the movements to their fullest. But I always tried very hard to look like them. I know not realistic.

As I got older I lost hope that I would be a martial artist so I set the dream aside. I played football in High School. Also ran track and did shot put and discus. I was in better shape once I reached high school and I felt much better. But I found that I was out of focus on a lot of things. Especially studying in school. After high school I really had no focus in life. I was working a dead end job and not going much of anywhere.

Then I met up with an old friend from high school. I had not talked to him in a while. I found out he had been studying Martial Arts for years. We discussed all the aspects of Martial Arts and my fire for it was rekindled. I insisted to meet his teacher. We went to the dojo and his teacher did a demonstration for us. I was hooked. I had found my teacher and my style.

Not long after that day I was training in Martial Arts every day. A day would not go by that I would not practice some aspect of our style. But more than that I saw other improvements in my life. I started to become more focused in my life. Martial Arts gave me the drive to go back to school. It gave me the discipline to complete school all the way to my Master’s Degree. It has brought fitness into my life which has given me good health. And it has given me the confidence to know that I am strong and can accomplish anything in my life. You see, it was Martial Arts that changed my life for the better. Martial Arts provides a good foundation for the movement through life.


Through my years as a Martial Artist I have seen an evolution in the overall concept of what Martial Arts is. There has also been a lot of segmentation of Martial Arts. But whatever your segment is, whether it be fighting, kata, weapons, etc. your must practice. Practice makes perfect. As my head master and my teacher have always imprinted on me, “Practice makes perfect but make sure your are practicing perfectly.” What they meant by this is always given 100% and practice as though your are really there.

Practicing like this can lead to better kicks, stronger punches and overall improvement of technique 100 fold.

So have a look around and if your have anything to share in respect to Martial Arts, please share. I love to hear about others progress and training.

Here is to your training

All the best,


Founder of Martial Arts Unlimited


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