Martial Arts Training Equipment

Martial Arts Training Equipment

Today we are going to talk about martial arts training equipment.  There are two basic segments of martial arts training equipment.  Solo training equipment and partner training equipment.  Martial artists can practice on their own or they can practice with partners.  That is the beauty of martial arts.  It is very versatile according to how the martial artist likes to train. 

Solo Training:

In solo martial arts training, the martial artist is training by his or herself.  They do not need equipment to do this.  Especially if the martial artist is practicing kata or technique by kicking or punching to the air.  But to develop power and/or get used to hitting objects with the techniques, the martial artist needs equipment.

Heavy Bag/Punching Bag

Heavy bags and punching bags are not exclusive to boxers.  Even though boxing is a form of martial arts.  The martial artist can train on a heavy bag/punching bag without having a partner.  By using the heavy bag, the martial artist can develop strength in their kicks and punches.  One thing a martial artist will want to get for heavy bag/punching bag training is a good set of gloves.

Focus Mitt

I know what you are going to say.  Jeff, focus mitts are used if you have a partner.  Well here is the beauty of using focus mitts in your personal training.  I was taught this trick or technique for using focus mitts in my solo martial arts training.  Here it goes.  Take a rope or twine or some strong string.  Tie it to the back of one of the focus mitts.  Hang the focus mitt from somewhere high but not to high you are going to hurt yourself when you kick it.  Then the martial artist can practice focusing their kicks on the mitt without needing a partner.  Pretty slick and it works well.

Wing Chun Equipment

Ok so for those of you that practice a Kung Fu style, there is the Wing Chun equipment that you can use in your solo martial arts training.  The first Wing Chun piece of equipment that we will discuss is the Wing Chun Dummy.  This is usually a vertical post with horizontal posts sticking out from it.  This is used by a Kung Fu stylist to practice the blocks and punches and to condition the knuckles, arms and elbows of the martial artist.

Then there is the Wing Chun Sticky Hands strength training ring.  This ring is used to practice the hand technique of the martial artist and provide strength to the techniques.  A martial artist that is studying another style besides Kung Fu can benefit from both this ring and the Wing Chun Dummy.

Partner Training:

This type of training is exactly what it sounds like.  The martial artist trains with a partner.  Usually this involves sparing or technique sparing which is very controlled light sparing.  It could also involve kick pad training or focus mitt training. 

Kick Pad

This is sometimes called a shield or a blocking pad.  One of the martial artists holds the pad and the other kicks it.  This is good for a martial artist to do so they get the feel of what it will actually be like to kick a person.  Usually the two martial artists rotate or take turns kicking the pad.

Focus Mitts

Yes, here are the focus mitts again.  Now what I have found is there are two ways to do partner martial arts training with these.  These are mainly used to practice punches and sometimes kicks in combinations.  The first way to use them is one martial artist will hold the mitts and the other will punch and kick them.  The other way to use them is the trainer holds the mitts and the martial artist focuses punches and kicks on them.  You see this a lot in boxing and kickboxing.

Boxing Gloves/Sparing Gloves

We all know what these are.  These gloves are used in martial arts training to protect the partners from injuring each other.  Martial Arts is dangerous already and you can be seriously hurt in training but these gloves will help to prevent unnecessary injury.  The partners wear them while sparing with each other so that they do not injure each other.

There is so much more equipment out there.  The martial artist should look through it all and decide what will work for their training.

Thank you and have a great evening.

Jeff Masterson


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