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Hello again.  This is Jeff.  Martial Arts Training can be very intense.   But can also be very good for the physical and mental strength of the Martial Artist.  Let’s dig into what Martial Arts Training can and probably involves.  We will go over conditioning, physicality and mentality.  My teacher always instills the mental and the physical as one.  What your mind perceives is what your body can do.  This visualization of physical activity can translate to almost any sport and is used by many athletes.  You will also find that many athletes had some form of Martial Arts training in their lifetime.

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of what is involved in martial arts training.  We will start with one of the most important places to start with Martial Arts Training.  Flexibility is a key component of Martial Arts Training.  You probably have seen many Martial Artists that can kick straight up over their head or do these spinning head kicks.  Well this is flexibility.  If you are going to start your Martial Arts Training, the first place to start is by stretching and creating flexibility in your muscles.  Plus stretching and warming up will prevent injury from happening.  When I first started my Martial Arts Training, I did not realize how much flexibility I did not have.  My muscles where so inflexible, I thought every time I kicked I would pull a muscle.  But stretching and warming up is just like the training itself.  Practice makes perfect.  So, start your training with a good stretch and warm up of the muscles.  There are some good books on the subject here Martial Arts Training Books.

Now depending on your teacher and style as well as the class you are in, your Martial Arts Training can consist of traditional training which will include kata, basic punches and kicks, traditional stances and much more.  I have attended many Martial Arts Training classes, traditional and practical.  Practical would be the self-defense techniques and the sparing.  If the Martial Arts Training consists of both traditional and practical training then the Martial Artist will be well rounded and will be prepared if he/she needs to use his training.  What I have found, if I practice the traditional then then my practical fighting skills improve as well.

Here is what must be understood about Martial Arts Training.  Martial Arts is the art of combat.  To be a Martial Artist means to be a warrior.  Martial Arts was developed by the farmers that were not allowed to have weapons.  They needed a way to fight back against oppression.  They could also do Martial Arts Training under the radar of the oppressors.  So when doing your Martial Arts Training, remember that you are training to be a warrior and you need to have the warrior spirit.  Always train to the best of your ability and know that you are part of a long tradition of warrior that have fought and won against many odds.

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